Steve Rockford

Mon – Fri, 3p to 7p

I grew up in Gahanna, Ohio. Thank GOD I now live in the Sunshine State. I didn’t realize that the sun actually SHINES during winter. I know…shocking, right?

After putting my partying on (temporary) hold, I somehow graduated college in the snows of northern Indiana…and yes it WAS Notre Dame! I’ve spent my radio career in central Ohio, West Virginia (“Almost Paved”), Kentucky, northeast Ohio, and the snowy confines of western New York state. I eventually realized that sunny Florida was calling to me — this realization hit while I was pushing my compact car out of a six-foot snow drift in Jamestown, New York.

I moved just in time to experience the swamp and forest fires and then the flooding from Tropical Storm Debbie — welcome to Florida!
Besides playing the best Classic Hits you can find me partying with friends, jogging, inflicting my musical tastes on others with my karaoke song choices, playing a very lousy game of corn hole, hacking my way through golf tournaments, watching the NFL (Go Jags! Go Bengals!) and leaving my Christmas decorations up waaaaay too long.