Haynes Johns – Kerry “Ker-Bear” Hagler

Haynes Johns – 10 to 1p and 1p to 3p

Haynes has been having fun on the radio since high school, and still has the same excitement, minus the nerves, every time he gets behind the microphone to entertain. He’s fascinated with pop culture, fun & unique things to do, pets, and playing lots of music. He’ll help your work day and drive home fly by and put a smile on your face

Kerry “Ker-Bear” Hagler NOON to 1p ALL REQUEST LUNCH
As Ted Baxter would say on the Mary Tyler Moore show…it all started a 500-watt AM radio station in the 1970’s, It hasn’t ended yet, I’m still working in radio but with a nearly three-decade interlude into education.

I was on the radio with three stations in the 70’s and the 80’s in north Florida. Then an opportunity came along to get a real job working for a college in their media/TV station. I was fortunate to deal with news, sports, politics and public affairs in the 29 years I was at the college. Oh yeah, I interacted with students teaching radio production and programming too. All while raising three great kids.

I spoke one day to my old boss at the radio station, and he said he had an opening, so I took the job as a part time DJ while still holding down the job in education. Some might say “Look at you…working two jobs.” But being on radio has never felt like “work” to me. It still doesn’t at 943 The Lake. Heck, I get to speak with our fans each weekday Noon till 1pm during the All-Request Lunch Hour. It’s actually FUN. And we intend to keep it that way at The Lake.
Good times.